Lovely Sunday


As I’ve mentioned, my training schedule calls for cross training on Sundays and a rest day of Mondays – depending on how I feel, sometimes I switch those out. After sleeping in this morning, I was debating whether I was really ready for my preferred cross training class, the high-intensity interval class that I love at my gym. I was trying to envision getting excited for jumping around and working hard and just couldn’t. But I was afraid I’d screw up the weekend if I didn’t get in a workout, so off to the gym I went.

And I’m SO glad I did – the class was fab! We did a combo burpee/push-up/jumping jack/squat jump situation to get started, and that was just the first set! I just needed to get in these sorts of exercises, especially the ones that focused on my upper body and core. I felt great and strong and just really pleased that I got my ass out of bed and went!

As soon as I got home I kicked into weekend gear – showered quickly, had my recovery snack and breakfast, then went grocery shopping and started cooking as soon as I got home. For my meals this week I made a quinoa salad situation with feta, spinach, and tomatoes, and I made another batch of an oatmeal bake for my breakfasts (cooking as I type!). For dinner I’ll make chicken with tomatoes and a slice of fresh mozzarella (which I heart in the summertime) and I already made the barley that I’m going to pair that with. As soon as this oatmeal bake is done I’m totally spending the rest of the afternoon at the beach – I figure I can squeeze in a good few hours before it’s time to come home!

I looked at my running schedule and realized we only have 10 weeks of training to go. Everyone says August is the toughest month – not only to do you typically have the hottest temps, you’re also building a ton of mileage. So we’ll see how it goes! I know for me I struggle more mentally than physically – I’m already anxious about not next weekend’s run (since it’s a draw-down), but the following. I need to get my brain to shut up because two weeks is a LONG time to be fixated on something over which I really have no control other than training properly! So hopefully I can calm down my head and convince myself that every mid-week training run will lead to a stronger long run – and that’s the best I can do.

Off to check on my breakfast creation and get into my bathing suit! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

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