Good morning from a gorgeous Chicago summer day!

So happy to write about another great run – maybe not quite as great as my glorious 12-miler, but I got it done and definitely still had energy to spare. Which is good – because next weekend we’re drawing down to 10 miles but then upping it to 15 the following Saturday! Must get used to running beyond 13!

I thought the weather today was just as lovely as what we ran in last weekend; a few of my running teammates thought it was a bit cooler – either way – warm temps, sunshine, and a very light breeze made for perfect running conditions. We had a smaller group today and one of my running friends and I held back just a bit – always within sight of our pace leader but still a little bit behind. I thought we had a perfect pace – running a little slower but walking faster so it all evened out in the end.

I thought this was funny – at one point we were getting water and I heard my pace leader talking about pockets on workout pants and all of a sudden realized she was talking about me – this was only the second time I’d worn these capris and I had no idea I had pockets on both sides! Now I have a place to store my Kleenex!

After I got home I took a quick shower and had my recovery snack – one cup of plain kefir and a single serving of cottage cheese. I like recovering with a blend of carbs and protein, so this was perfect. For my actual breakfast I’ll have yogurt with museli – continuing the protein/carb trend!

The one thing I need to start re-incorporating into my life is a pre-long run Tylenol PM. I started taking one before my long runs when I was training for Marine Corps and it helped a lot. Because I get so anxious before a long run, even when I’m really tired from a long week it can be hard to fall asleep – so far this running cycle it hasn’t been too bad, but last night I was really tossing and turning for awhile, and finally took the pill (thankfully I still had enough time to take it and let it run its course without it affecting my morning). I used to take two and they’d knock me out; I’ve since realized that just one pill is enough to more gently put me to sleep. Of course the ideal fix would be to STOP GETTING SO WORKED UP but, you know, baby steps. 🙂

Signing off! I am beach-bound today! The one I like is about a 2-mile walk, so I think that’ll be a great way to flush out my legs a bit (and will bring my total mileage today to 17!). Happy Saturday!


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