I’m Back!*

*I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week was rough – I wrote about how difficult my attempted run on Tuesday was; my hip pain did not improve as the days went on. I did a lot of foam rolling and stretching and dynamic exercises, but running was a non-option. I did not take this well! ย After totally freaking out during a phone call with my mom, she wisely suggested I just go ahead and get an X-ray – if anything, for peace of mind, or at the worst, to confirm my fear that this could be a stress fracture (despite my PT guy saying twice that he thinks it’s just a strain).

In order to get the X-ray I had to have a regular doctor’s appt, so I went in on Friday and saw the same doctor who helped me during that weird neck sprain in June. She had me do a few of the same little diagnostic tests as the PT guy did, and ultimately said I could get the X-ray but that she wasn’t sure if it was a stress fracture or not – it could be just a tear in my muscle. She also gave me a script for a sports medicine specialist.

This all sounds pretty mundane, but I walked out of there nearly singing with joy – the doctor said I could take ibuprofen before a run!! AND one pill more than I had been taking AND I could take it up to twice a day!! This was a huge relief for me, because I know the major reason I was able to get through my 16-miler last weekend was because I had Advil to help me along the way. Suddenly I was feeling so much lighter and more positive – if it really is just a strain, the pills will help me significantly in the recovery process, plus I’ll still be able to train. I walked into work and my coworkers saw this huge smile on my face – I couldn’t contain how happy I was!

So today I put my little hip to the test – I had 12 miles to run. I promised myself (and many, many of my loving and concerned friends and family) that I’d duck out if the pain was too much. Well I started running and definitely felt it…and maybe it was just me…but honestly it didn’t feel quite so sharp and stabbing as it had this week. On the other hand, I’d taken the painkillers, so obviously those must have already sunk in. I won’t lie and say it was a great run, but I will say that even though I was aware of my hip the whole time, it wasn’t in a very painful way. And as soon as I got home and showered I did a lot of stretching and rolling, and I think that helped a lot too. Right now my legs are tired, but I just ran 12 – anyone’s legs would be tired!

The big test will be how I feel tonight and tomorrow morning. And then I should have the actual results of the X-ray by Monday, I think, so that will really be the end of this – either it’s just a strain and I continue to work on it, or it’s a fracture and I defer my marathon until next year. I already looked up springtime marathons as a contingency plan, so while not at all ideal, I do have a back-up, something to work on once I do recover.

It must be said that I felt a particular sense of victory today – it POURED during the run and yet we made it through! And my group was the smallest it’s ever been – just my pace leader and her good friend, and my running partner and me.

And with that I shall leave you all in suspense until my next post…which I will write next Friday! Because this girl is heading to the Jersey Shore for her annual beach vacation with the greatest friends in the world!! I packed all my running stuff and am sincerely hoping to get my runs in – 5 on Tues, 9 on Weds, and 4 on Thurs – wish me luck! Will write once I’m back in Chicagoland!


Feeling Discouraged…

Not much of an entry for tonight but I thought writing might help clear my mind a bit. I tried running this morning and it was just a disaster…I barely made it beyond my condo complex. The pain in my hip was just so sharp and strong – similar to how it’s been feeling, but this time I had Josh’s words in my brain – no running if it hurts too much. So I just went home and went back to bed until it was time to get up for work.

I spent the day limping around the office and Googling “hip strain versus hip stress fracture.” I don’t know why I kept doing it – at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what’s wrong with my hip, because both strains and fractures just need rest. If it truly is a fracture…it just means a lot MORE rest.

Around lunchtime it all just got into my head so I emailed Josh – I felt selfish for doing so; obviously I’m not his only patient! But he wrote back pronto and said that if it really was getting to me, I could call my regular doctor and try to get an X-ray scheduled. He reiterated what he said in our two sessions – based on his prodding and questions, it sounds like a strain, but if it’ll give me peace of mind to get the test done, just get it done. He also said he knew how discouraging this whole thing was and reminded me that I CAN run if the pain is manageable…I’m just not there yet.

I tried running again tonight after work, to the same outcome as this morning. But at least this time I committed to doing the exercises Josh and his assistants led me through last night, and also a DVD for an upper body workout. I felt like I had to do something, and neither of these aggravated my pain. I’ve been sitting on the couch with an ice bag under my hip for a half hour or so; I’ll get in some more time and then head to bed.

And will try, try again tomorrow.

My brother once told me that I’m always thinking three steps ahead, for better or worse. In this case…not a good thing! In my head, the pain doesn’t subside and I have to defer the marathon until next year. I lose all of the endurance I’ve worked so hard to build. My parents and my brother and sister in law have now wasted money on airfare to come to Chicago since I won’t be running, and now I want to reimburse them because I feel guilty about it. Whatever weight I’ve lost will come back with a vengeance because I won’t be burning nearly as many calories as I have been, plus I’m depressed so I’m eating more. So now I’m dropping out of the marathon, I’m trying to come up with alternative ideas on what to do with my family when they come for the marathon weekend, I have no muscle tone, I’m too fat to fit into my clothes, and I’m going to die alone.

I am REALLY good at catastrophic thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I’m trying to keep it all in perspective…as I’ve said a few times today, it’s not like I’m a professional athlete; I’m certainly not paid to run! And sure, I have some hip pain, but it’s nothing compared to what other people go through. And let’s be honest, I like running but I LOVE a lot of other forms of exercise, all of which I’ve been missing these past few months and anxious to return to. And if I really can’t run, I’ll just ask my nutritionist to revise my meal plans to account for less activity.

So we’ll see what happens. I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow and at least try to get the X-ray scheduled (or an office visit, whatever I need to do to get the ball rolling). And in the meantime I will have faith in Josh and will continue to believe this is just a strain. And I will try to run tomorrow morning but will not freak out if I can’t. And I’ll keep doing my exercises and icing and resting and will try to reassure myself that I’ve been so faithful in my training regimen that a few missed runs will not doom me. And maybe I’ll be back in action by my next long run…maybe I won’t…all I can do is follow Josh’s advice and listen to my little hip and hope for the best.

Easier said than done though. ๐Ÿ™‚

With that I am off to bed. Apologies for the not so optimistic post…it’s been a long day. Have a good evening, friends!

Le Verdict: Still Not a Stress Fracture (we hope!)

Good evening from a blustery and cool Chicago!

Tonight I had my real physical therapy appointment (two weeks ago was just an assessment). I am still having a lot of pain in my right hip, and after my 16-miler it seemed to spread to my left leg as well. Yesterday was especially worrisome to me – I really couldn’t walk until I took some Advil.

I am just scared to death of this being a stress fracture, because from everything I’ve read that requires an intense and prolonged recovery process, and would certainly mean I’d be out of training. But after a lot of prodding around tonight, the PT guy (we will call him Josh…since that is his name) said he is sticking to his initial assessment: it’s a hip strain, not a fracture, and it’s going to require a lot of strengthening of my muscles, but nothing drastic. I asked specifically about running and he said that I can keep going as long as I’m not in intense pain (like a “3” on a scale of 1-10 would be okay, anything beyond that not so good). He also said to focus on my weekend long runs and not to worry too much if I need to skip a weekday run here and there. I’d estimate I spent about a half hour with him, first doing some simple movements and then getting a deep tissue massage, and then another half hour with his assistant, doing various strength-building movements that I can do at home.

So with that I am planning on doing my normal 4-mile run tomorrow morning and see how it goes. One thing Josh said was that taking ibuprofen before a run isn’t necessarily the best idea – as he explained it, your body pumps sodium and potassium during a run, and the pain medication interferes with that. So if it’s just a matter of feeling some discomfort during the day and wanting a bit of relief, I can take the pills, but for running I should try to stay away from them. Message received!

One thing I really like about Josh is that he’s a real runner and very much understands why this is so important to me. At this point…I just really, really, really want to see this through. I feel like I should make a deal – get me through this marathon and I promise I’ll quit distance running as soon as it’s over. Just let me cross the finish line and I won’t pursue anything of this magnitude again!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to write about a nice morning run.

Have a great evening!

16 Miles – DONE!!!

Writing on the most beautiful summer morning!

SO happy and relieved that I made it through 16 miles today! I definitely had my doubts…but I got through it. I chose to run on my own this morning, for a bunch of reasons – for one, running on my own gives me control over the route that I take. I really like running a 6-mile loop north and southbound on the trail, and I knew if I did that twice I’d only have to go out and back another 2 miles – mentally that was really manageable. I told myself I just had 6 segments – up, back, up, back, and out and back. I also knew I’d have more control over my pace – part of me thought that with my hip pain I’d want to hang back and take it easy; I ended up running faster than I do with my group – I didn’t feel like I was pushing it; I felt like it was right. Finally, sometimes it’s just easier for me to run when I can zone out to music and not worry about making conversation or pulling over for water stops or whatever – just get it done.

I took some ibuprofen before the run – not something I want to make a habit of, but given that my first physical therapy appt isn’t until Monday, I figured it was okay just this once – and I think it helped. I could feel my hip pain kick in as soon as I started, but after a few miles it dissipated somewhat. More importantly, I don’t think it affected my stride – when it hurts and I’m walking, I limp and I favor my left leg – this morning I felt relatively balanced. Anyway, in general I felt really good through the first 12 miles or so – my legs were tired in general for the last 4. But I’m okay with that – I think the longer our runs go, the more comfortable I’ll get with longer distances.

I was really careful with my water stops. Last week I felt so sick after the run and I know the heat was a factor, but I also think I just drank way too much water. Obviously it’s important to drink when you’re thirsty, but at least for me I know that too much water is not good. Today I took advantage of two water stops that had Gatorade and otherwise just sipped from my water bottle when I felt like I needed it – towards the end I just drank at every other run/walk cycle, to try to keep it spaced. I think it worked – I feel much better now than I did a week ago!

Until today I was so resistant to the idea of resting more than my sanctioned rest days or cross-training in lieu of a run, but if the PT guy tells me to lay off running on Monday night, I’m ready for it. Now that I have 16 miles under my belt (and knowing that we only have to do 12 next Saturday), I’m more confident that I can take time off to rest if I need it and will be able to get back into the swing of things. Obviously I’d rather stick to my schedule and keep up with the mileage, but if part of my treatment is rest…I’ll be okay with that. I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

Off to enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend! Happy Saturday!

Two Workouts, then Wheels Up for a Whirlwind trip to Washington!

(Because everyone loves alliteration, right?)

Really proud of myself for getting up and off to the gym in time for my strength training class today – I was not a happy camper when the alarm went off! But I genuinely love this class and the instructor and I knew I needed it. I told the teacher in advance about my hip but it really didn’t bother me, even when we were working on lower body stuff. So that was good.

Afterwards I hopped on the treadmill, intending to do my requisite 4 miles…but good lord my hip was hurting as soon as I started! So much so that I think I was running dramatically off-kilter for the first few minutes (it must have looked bizarre to anyone behind me). I guess it’s because I was on the treadmill and I had the incline up just a bit, so the angle of movement was different from how it is on the trail. I made a game time decision: just get through 3 miles, and walk if needed. I don’t need to prove to myself that I can do 4 – I know I can do 4 – I need to take it a little easier.

So I ran through 2 (and really aside from my hip I felt great!), walked a bit, ran a bit, and finished up with 3 miles. I think it was the right call – for one thing, I had the internet guy coming between 8-10, so I had to rush home to shower anyway, and for another – I don’t think one mile is going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things!

I came home and stretched a lot (and got my internet fixed, yay!) and now I’m done with exercise until Saturday morning. I’m going to take some Advil in advance of the 16-miler, so hopefully that’ll help keep me at bay until my first real physical therapy appointment on Monday evening.

And with that I am off to DC for a quick overnight, back here tomorrow evening. Will write on Saturday…wish me luck on the long run!!

Two Workouts…Mom, Don’t Read the Second Entry :)

Hi friends!

My home internet went down on Monday night (plus it was a rest day) so I didn’t blog, and last night I spent the better part of my evening on the phone with my cable provider. A technician is coming out tomorrow morning so hopefully I’ll be back on track very soon! In the meantime, I’m blogging from work on my lunch break – must fill you in on my last two runs!

Yesterday I’d planned on getting my long mid-run week over with (8 miles) but when my alarm went off it sounded like the end of the world outside – we had some CRAZY storms! So instead I went back to bed and just did 4. The good news: the actual run felt really good; I was struggling so much after my Saturday run that I was feeling pretty anxious about getting back out there, but it was all good. The not so good news: I definitely felt my hip. Every time I transitioned into the run portion of my run/walk cycle I felt the pressure, and it took at least a minute to get back into the swing of things.

So this prompted me to call my doctor and ask for a script for physical therapy sessions. I wish the discomfort were a one-time only thing, and maybe it really will go away on its own, but I hate the idea of further hurting myself. Muscle stuff is one thing, but if this turned into a stress fracture and I couldn’t run at all – I’d be really broken up. Anyway, thankfully my doctor was able to prescribe the PT without my actually having to go into her office; I should be able to start next week (the PT guy didn’t have openings this afternoon and I’m on travel tomorrow and Friday).

Mom, this is the part where you can stop reading. Thanks!

Since I didn’t knock out my long run yesterday and since I’m on travel tomorrow, I had to do my 8 miles this morning. I set my alarm for 4:30 (well…4:21 since my clock is 9 mins fast) and I got up and ready just fine – but when I glanced out the window I realized it was STILL incredibly dark out. Like…disconcertingly dark. And while I do love my trail, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly well illuminated. So I did some quick calculations in my head and realized I could stay home another 10 minutes and still have enough time to get to/from the trail and do my run. 10 minutes later…yeah still dark out! But I headed out…I figured if I really got spooked I could just run along the street. Which I hate doing because you always have to stop for traffic; on the other hand, traffic is remarkably light at this hour!

It definitely did not feel like the best idea…but I did it. Actually, I should note – as I was crossing the last intersection before the trail I saw two guys running (eh, I think they were guys – it was dark, after all!!), and neither was especially fast. So…as long as I’m not the only one on the trail…it can’t be THAT crazy. Well forget the dark – as soon as I started I was in pain. That seemed even crazier than running in the dark of night. But…maybe I’m stubborn…I just kept going. And finally, after 3 miles or so, the sky brightened. And similar to my Tuesday run, after a minute or two, the hip pain kind of dissipated. And maybe it was just me, but the longer I went the better I started to feel. I have to say, 8 miles flew by. It reminded me of how good I felt on Saturday, through the first 10 miles. I’m hoping this is part of a trend – the longer I run, the longer the mileage I’m comfortable with. It would be great if by marathon time I felt this good through 13 or so and just had to struggle through the second half to wrap it up.

That is…if I don’t trip over a rock on the trail that I miss seeing because of the lack of light, or if I really do screw up my hip and can’t run at all anymore!

I realize this post probably makes me sound…well…dedicated in the best way and stupid in the worst. But I promise that if the trail were truly deserted and I felt scared, I wouldn’t have run on it. And if my hip were truly painful, I would have stopped. I may be dedicated but I do still have a little common sense!

For the rest of the week, my plan is to continue stretching and rolling. Tomorrow morning is my strength training class – I want to go light on my legs and heavy on my arms/abs. Then I just have 4 more miles to get done, and will rest till Saturday. I’m nervous about Saturday’s run (I know…broken record) because my pace leader will not be with us, which means we need to chart a course and track our distance and run/walk on our own. Which of course we’re capable of…but it’s nice to be led sometimes, rather than do the leading! Whatever – we’ll figure it out.

Anyway that’s all for today! I may be able to write tomorrow morning but otherwise you’ll hear from me on Saturday afternoon!

Unexpectedly Productive Sunday

I may have mentioned yesterday that my run was tough…and the post-run part was even tougher. I felt better after eating, taking a nap, and taking a walk, but by the time I went to bed my legs were in pain again. Not limited to my hips – feelings of all over pain and plain tiredness.

I guess this crept into my subconscious, because I kept waking up and worrying about whether I’d be able to stick to the training plan and actually attempt the marathon. I kept worrying that I was too inexperienced, too slow, too heavy, too overpronating with my legs, too weak in my lower body muscles, too off-kilter in my back…needless to say this didn’t make for a particularly good night’s sleep. I kept waking up to run to the bathroom and focusing on how tight my legs felt and worrying that I’d overdone it on Saturday.

So when I woke up around 7:30 or so, I tossed and turned for a few minutes and decided to get up and get things done. And I had plenty to do – laundry, cleaning, and cooking, for starters. It felt great to get so much off my list, if a little odd to be doing it so early on a Sunday. I knew I wanted to at least try a workout, but rather than go to the gym for my interval class, I queued up a YouTube video of yoga for runners. It actually focused specifically on loosening up the hip muscles, so I knew it was what I needed. Afterwards I put in a DVD that I ordered from Runner’s World a few weeks ago – it’s 50 minutes or so of super set workouts, some with weights, all with the idea of strengthening the muscles that runners use most. I felt good while I was doing it – it was definitely challenging but manageable, and for the parts that were a little too much for me today, I was able to modify it. It’ll be a great option for when I can’t get to the gym for a cross-training workout.

Right now I’m feeling a little looser and I’m worrying a little less about my future career in running. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll see how I do tomorrow – it’s a rest day, which I will gladly take – I’m hoping I don’t tighten up again. Tuesday will be the real test to see if I’ve bounced back from Saturday.

I guess at this point I just need to really focus on the foam rolling and stretching – I think that’s what’s going to get me back on track. And I need to tell my brain to shut the hell up – if, on marathon day, I can only get through 15 miles running, I CAN WALK THE REST. And that’s what I need to tell myself – when it gets hard, I can continue, I just need to alter the plan a bit. It can be done.

I hope!! ๐Ÿ™‚

15 Miles Done!

Writing from my air-conditioned family room…it is so.hot.today!

As you all know, I’ve been dreading my 15-mile run for the past two weeks, ever since we finished up the 13-mile one. I’m not exactly sure why – it’s just two miles longer – but psychologically it just felt like a huge challenge. But on Thursday night my pace leader emailed us all to tell us the course route, and for whatever reason that made me feel much better. The plan was to run south on the trail for 5.5 miles, come back north past the starting point, turn around, and wrap up. I guess visualizing it just helped me feel more comfortable and more ready.

But I was still nervous. ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially with my hip and not knowing if I’d be in pain or whatever.

And it was hot. Did I mention that? And humid, and sunny.

We got off to a great start but my poor pace leader wasn’t feeling well and dropped out just a few miles after we started. Of course we missed her, but it ended up being okay – we already knew the course and one of the women I run with has a watch with GPS, so we always knew our mileage. I felt fantastic through 10 miles – it actually made me wonder if skipping my Thursdayย run wasn’t the worst idea, because I felt really energetic today. Once we got to mile 11 or so I started to slow down, and I know for sure I ran those last few miles on fumes. My legs were supremely tired. I finished but it was definitely a struggle at the end!

What was weird was how I felt after the run – I came home and immediately got in the shower and just wasn’t feeling quite right. I actually thought I was going to faint for a few minutes! I skipped conditioning my hair and instead just laid down in my bed with the air conditioner on – I couldn’t be up. Within 10 minutes or so I was able to get some recovery food in me (kefir and cottage cheese), then some coffee, and finally some oatmeal. I was feeling much more like myself about a half hour later or so, but still, it was jarring. I’m not quite sure what exactly made me feel that way, but I’m sure the heat played a role. I’m just glad I was able to make it through the run before my body started shutting down!

I took a nap, had a snack, and joined my friend for a walk and to watch some of the Air & Water Show (it’s such a fun weekend in Chicago!) – I think the walk REALLY helped. My legs were definitely still feeling tired but I think it was good to flush them out.

And overall my hip really wasn’t a big deal. I felt it here and there during the run but it definitely wasn’t a show-stopper. My physical therapist asked me to email him and let him know how the run went, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow – see how things go overnight. Hopefully with some really concentrated foam rolling and stretching (which I have been doing like a BOSS!), I’ll be back to my usual self.

Next weekend’s long run is 16 miles, so just one mile longer than today – I can do it. Then we draw back to 14, so I feel like I’ll be good to go for the next two weeks. Then it’s the 18, which I feel like will be the hardest of the training cycle (because the 20-miler is a big production number with my training group and actually sounds really fun), so that’s on my mind but I’m not worrying about it now!

For the remainder of the afternoon I shall be relaxing in the A/C. Keep cool, everyone!!

Diagnosis: Not Bursitis!

When I woke up this morning and still felt some discomfort in my hip, I knew I needed to call the physical therapist office in my gym. I was able to get a free assessment this afternoon and I feel SO much better. ย The therapist did a bunch of exercises with me and put pressure here and there, and determined that it’s more general wear and tear on my hip muscle, vice bursitis or anything else. He had his assistant run through a bunch of exercises with me – leg raises, some foam roller exercises (which was helpful because up until today I was just winging it; it’s better to have an actual exercise plan!), and some exercises with a resistance band. I also got pictures and a card of additional stretches I can do.

I asked if running would make it worse and the therapist said it really could go either way – he said the 15-miler this Saturday will be a good test. If I get through it and feel okay, great, if not, he’ll help me get a referral for real physical therapy. He did not seem overly concerned about my pushing my limits – it’s going to be more of a trial and error situation.

I’m going to take tonight off – my first missed training session – so that I am truly rested for Saturday’s run. And I feel good about that; it feels like the right thing to do.

So we’ll see! I am cautiously optimistic. I realized with a lurch in my stomach yesterday that I’m over halfway done with my training – really do not want to jeopardize anything at this point. I think taking tonight off and really being diligent with my exercises will keep me on the right track – fingers crossed!!

Catch up Post!

It’s been several days since I’ve written, owing to a weekend away and a work trip. And I have so much to fill you in on. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a marvelous weekend in Washington with my friends. I felt great getting on the plane after my 10-miler (I’ve noticed my recovery time after each long run is getting much shorter…it’s easier to get back into the swing of things) and I very much enjoyed cooling down by the pool. I got to visit with my best friends, drink champagne cocktails, eat delicious Indian food…it doesn’t get much better than that!

On Sunday I stuck to my schedule and did an improvised tabata workout. The friends I was staying with only had one 8-lb weight, so I used that for triceps and otherwise stuck to bodyweight exercises – burpees, mountain climbers, bicycles, planks, etc. It’s rare for me to say something like this but I was really proud of myself for sticking to my plan. Afterwards our gang got together for a yummy brunch and we had more pool time and a lovely dinner.

On Monday when everyone went to work, I hopped on the Metro and rode to Arlington, to run along the Mount Vernon trail. In my head this was going to be a really sweet and nostalgic experience – running along a trail that I used for my Marine Corps training, among a million other runs – I thought it would be so great to get out there as a stronger runner. Eh – not so much! For starters, it was much more humid in DC than I’d anticipated (because it wasn’t quite so hot), and for another, the trail was a bit hillier than I’d recalled. For some reason I just couldn’t muster the “speed” that I usually can – my app kept beeping in every 5 mins and telling me my pace, and each time I may have uttered an obscenity in response. It wasn’t that I was SO slow, but I was definitely a good 20 seconds or so off my regular pace. And felt like I was giving just as much, if not more, effort. I know humidity plays a roll, and maybe the inclines did too – but it felt like I was working hard to compensate and should have been seeing better paces. Ah well. The point is that I finished my 7-miler run, my longest mid-week run this week.

Later that afternoon I flew to Providence, RI for the work portion of my trip. It definitely went well and it was so nice to be back in New England again. And as a bonus, I got to visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends – usually I see her once a year at best, but I got to have dinner with her on Monday night AND an extended lunch on Tuesday!

Tuesday was a rest day and that’s when I realized something was starting to become amiss…I am definitely experiencing discomfort in my right hip. I’d felt something like that when I first started training in June but it went away, and I guess I’d noticed it creeping up again lately and hoped it would disappear like the last time. Not so much, apparently. It’s not exactly painful but I notice it anytime I put weight on it. I can absolutely walk on it…but I feel it when I do.

Because I was working I didn’t have time to research my symptoms, so today when I got back to work I was able to do some targeted Googling. From what I’ve read it sounds like I have bursitis (inflammation) in my hip. Most of what I read indicated this isn’t exactly a life-altering injury, and treatment typically calls for anti-inflammatories (done!) and ice (okay!)…and rest. And that’s the part that worries me. I did skip my run this morning in favor of more sleep (and, yes, because my hip was bugging me), but the idea of really taking time off from training, or cutting back, scares me. I realized today (with a lurch in my stomach!) that I’ve been training for longer than what I have left…it’s like the end is in sight and I’m really not ready to lighten up.

On the flip side, of course, I don’t want to do any further damage.

So tonight I did my 3-mile run on the treadmill and stretched afterwards; before I got to bed I’m going to do some targeted foam roller exercises and use an ice pack on my hip. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning – I should go to my strength class but I’ll make a game-time decision on that. I’m also going to call the physical therapy company that is housed in my gym – it’s possible I’ll need a referral but my real doctor is pretty easy to get an appointment with so that’s not a huge obstacle. I just see the 15-mile run I have ahead of me on Saturday and wince at the idea of being out there for so long and possibly making this worse…

So stay tuned. I genuinely think I can get past this, and if a therapist tells me to take it easy with the running, I will. I know I can continue to train at a slightly reduced mileage and still stay in the game; I’d just much prefer to stick with my schedule. It sounds lame but I printed my training schedule when I first started and I take so much satisfaction from crossing off the workouts on each day – I know a lot of runners need to skip runs here and there but because running does not come naturally to me and remains such a challenge, I want to get as much practice in as possible before the big day. But of course I don’t want to do anything stupid – if it’s bursitis, fine, but if it’s the beginning of a stress fracture – not so fine!

Anyway, enough rambling from me. We’ll see how tomorrow goes and take it from there. Off to foam roll!