Feeling Tired…but Feeling Determined!

You know how all the articles out there say that you should take a rest day if you truly need it? I feel like today would have been the perfect day to just cool it. When my alarm went off it just felt even more jarring than usual – I actually reset it so that I could sleep in until my usual work time…but then reminded myself just how much I love (and need) my strength-training class…and all I could hear was my mother’s voice in my head: “Get up, you lazy thing.” (love my mom!) So I did. And I went to class and it was just what I needed – tough but manageable, and I felt like I really worked hard today. I know all those squats and lunges are going to keep me strong in my legs, and I definitely need a lot of work on my upper body strength and core conditioning, so I know I made the right call.

That being said…I know workouts are supposed to be this magical energy elixir and you’re supposed to feel all kinds of jazzed up throughout the day…and while sometimes that’s very true for me…today was not one of those days! All I did was yawn. During my lunch break I sat outside in the sun and found myself closing my eyes more than once, and I also tried to sleep a bit on the train ride home. Because I knew my day wasn’t done yet – I still had 3 miles to get in!

I know I could have skipped the run tonight and been okay – it was just 3 miles after all, and so far I have not skipped any of my requisite runs. On the other hand…it was just 3 miles…and I haven’t skipped any of my requisite runs. 🙂 Plus while it is hot here today (I think it was in the upper 80s this evening), there’s been zero humidity – it was really just such a gorgeous night for running. So I did it. And I maintained my speed and while it did feel a little challenging at times, I got it done – and I feel SO much better now!

Tomorrow is my sanctioned rest day and I will enjoy it thoroughly. When I don’t work out in the mornings I get to sleep an extra hour and a half before getting up for work – it’s going to feel awesome! Saturday’s run is 13 miles and I feel ready – my 12-miler was a real confidence boost so I’m ready to build on it. Of course everyone has bad runs now and then so by no means am I taking a good run for granted – but I’m ready to get out there.

I hope everyone is having a lovely evening! Happy pre-Friday!

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