12 Miles – Feeling Great!

Good Morning!

So very happy to report that my 12-miler was a success! I had some real trepidation about this particular run – my 7-miler last weekend was just so unpleasant, and my 6-mile run in DC was also a struggle. I knew I’d had a good 10-mile run in CT two weekends ago, so I just told myself I only had to do 2 more. And I did!

It’s funny – it was a warm morning here and everyone was talking about the heat – but compared to the weather last weekend and especially the temps in DC, it felt like heaven to me! Very low humidity and the sun just isn’t that strong so early in the morning (plus many parts of our running path are shaded). To me it was a welcome relief.

Usually I get a little anxious when we first start off – for some reason it always seems super fast to me. But this morning I just felt really good. And kept feeling really good. And even though most of the time I was towards the end of the group (there were only…9 of us today? Somewhere around there), we kept a pretty tight pack, so I was never too far from my pace leader. We stopped at every.single.water.fountain but I didn’t mind – I told myself that this is the trade-off in running with a group; pace and distance are done for you but you do have to go a little slower sometimes. Then again, not unlike my DC run, this time I partook in a bunch of the water breaks, so ultimately I benefited!

My tummy totally behaved itself. And I experimented a bit with fueling; I had my typical pre-run banana and this time I ate 3 shot blocks once I was 45 minutes in, instead of an hour. I think it worked, because I didn’t get sluggish after an hour and a half like I sometimes do. And I took 3 more once we’d gone just under 2 hours – I knew I didn’t have much more to run but it felt like the right thing to do. And my stomach totally handled it – success!

My little arch discomfort is still kind of there but definitely isn’t preventing me from doing anything. After I got home I took out a stretch band and worked on my hamstrings and quads and calves, so hopefully concentrating on those stretches and incorporating the foam roller will help keep me loose and will work out any kinks. A girl in our group today was telling me about how she had to drop out of training last year after having finished the 20-miler because of a stress fracture on her heel. She said she realized after the fact that she did have plantar fasciitis, so I do need to keep an eye on my arch in case this does turn into something bigger. Hopefully with some preventive work I’ll keep it at bay.

That’s about all from here! So happy that this was a good run – I needed the psychological boost!

2 thoughts on “12 Miles – Feeling Great!

  1. This may be a silly question, Ms. Motivated, but have you had your feet and shoes evaluated at the running store? They may be able to make a recommendaton that will keep you from putting stress on the same spots. I have always found the folks here to be amazing, despite my inability to catch the running bug. Keep up the good work! I’m exhausted just reading your blog!


  2. Thanks for the comment!! Oh yes, I had my running stride evaluated when I first started running, years ago – I overpronate. So I wear Brooks shoes with extra stability to help off-set that, and just a month or so ago I bought these cute little socks that have some arch support built in, so that helps a little too. Thankfully that discomfort has mostly subsided so hopefully I’m good to go!


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