Double Workout…Doubly Tired :)

This morning is the strength-training class at my gym, the one I use to try to get toned. It’s important to me to keep up with conditioning exercises during training because I don’t want to lose the (still minimal, but good for me!) strength that I’ve developed over time. I’ve read a lot about runners who lose muscle mass during training and I don’t want to be one of them…it’s just more to work on when the marathon is over.

But I also had to get another 3 miles in. And I also wanted an evening off…I didn’t want to have to have another workout after work.

So I got up at 4:45 to sneak in those miles before the class. I went straight to work on the treadmill to reclaim the (slow) speed that I’ve been working on and it definitely felt grueling. I don’t know why the wind suddenly seems lost from my sails, but I felt like I was struggling to keep up…and it was just.three.miles.

Afterwards I went to my strength class and just felt bogged down. I’m so much better – and can use heavier weights – when I’m fresh. It almost felt like a waste to try to do both this morning – like I couldn’t give either workout 100% so I had to settle on 50% for both. Next Thursday I have plans after work so I may have to duplicate this again…but although I love the idea of having nothing to do after work, I know that breaking up the two workouts is the best way to go.

If I’m feeling positive I can point to two things that are making me feel sluggish – residual jet lag from Berlin compounded by a quick trip to DC, and maybe getting to that point in training when the increasing mileage just starts to take a toll (though…if that’s the case…it’s a tad alarming since we’re only a third into the season!). I think maybe next week I’ll start trying some energy chews before runs – even those with low mileage – to both train my tummy better and for the caffeine and electrolytes.

Of course my fear is that I’m not cut out for this, I don’t have the stamina, just getting through half a marathon doesn’t mean completing an actual marathon is something I’m capable of…those are the thoughts that go through my head when I’m having a tough run.

I’m really glad I’m off tonight, though, and also glad tomorrow is a rest day. Not only do I need to recover from a bunch of weighted squats and lunges, but I absolutely need fresh legs for the run on Saturday. In brighter news, I no longer think I have plantar fasciitis (or anything terribly wrong) – the discomfort I wrote about yesterday in my left arch is still there somewhat, but much decreased. I really do think it had something to do with being on my feet so much in Berlin. And the foam roller arrived – currently working on it right now!

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