Restorative Run


Happy to report that the weather this morning was simply gorgeous and perfect for squeezing in 3 miles before work. I felt so much better running this morning than yesterday – it was a good 10-15 degrees cooler and zero humidity. Interestingly my speed was definitely not what it typically is – per my RunKeeper app I was a good 30 seconds slower per mile than I usually am -but I’m trying not to worry about that. I needed to get my miles in and I did, and I still ran them about on par with what will be my race pace in October. I’m hoping tomorrow’s run is a bit speedier.

One thing I’m monitoring is what I think could be the beginning of plantar fasciitis. I noticed last week that my left arch was starting to hurt a little bit, and the discomfort (it’s definitely not pain, just mild discomfort at this point) has continued and moved up a bit to my calf. Obviously I did some Googling and it does seem to match some of the signs of PF, which evidently I’m prone to since I have flat feet to begin with (thanks to my dad, hahaha). 🙂 I ordered a foam roller and stretch bands on Amazon so I’m going to try to work on it myself, plus there’s a physical therapy office inside my gym, so if it gets worse I can get it checked out professionally. I’m not sure what caused it but I have a feeling it could be related to my work trip last week. So much of my time in Germany was spent on my feet and walking around, and during those trips I’m just in ballet flats, not exactly the most supportive shoes. I’m hoping this thing goes away on its own (with some stretching effort on my part) and that I don’t have to take a break or anything. Like I said – just very mild discomfort right now – just don’t want it to get worse!

I also had my first meal planning session with my nutritionist tonight. I really like the plan – it’s fairly similar to what I eat already, but with a concentration of calories towards the beginning and mid-parts of my day, vice at night, and fitting in the carbs earlier in the day as well. But there’s still some wiggle room so it won’t feel completely rigid. The recipes are definitely easy enough for me to put into practice, and I can send her some of my favorites too, to see where they might fit in a day. It’ll be a challenge for me to get used to smaller dinners and fewer carbs at night, but a lot of my eating habits are just that – habitual – not necessarily based on need. So we’ll see how it goes. I’m quasi excited about it – I secretly love trying out new diets. 🙂

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