Bound for Berlin!

Good evening! I am off to Berlin tomorrow for a few days for work, so I’ll be taking a small break from blogging – unless the mood truly inspires me and I want to plunk down on the keys from the hotel business center.

This morning I went to my favorite interval training class for my cross-training workout. Technically I suppose I could count the yoga and long walk I took yesterday as cross-training, but I prefer something more intense. Today’s class totally fit the bill – my favorite cardio move was jumping lunges as you stretched a resistance band across your chest and my favorite strength move was using the body bar to do upright rows and a chest press. The last move of the class is usually a core one, and today we used exercise balls – the idea was to roll out so that your shins are still on the ball and you can move your legs into a crouching position and straight back again. I guess the first two or three sets I was okay with, but then I started to lose my balance and the ball positioning a bit. The alternative exercise was mountain climbers and I wish I’d switched to those earlier in the exercise; I only got one round in and they felt great – and more effective than the ball thing. I’m sure in reality it’s a great exercise but I think because mountain climbers are more simple, I should have just done more of those! Ah well!

Tomorrow morning I will get in my mid-week 5-mile run before work, and hopefully in Germany I’ll be able to do two sets of 3-mile runs. The hotel has a fitness center and I should have some down time (especially on Wednesday after I arrive), so I think it’s do-able. Unfortunately I don’t get back in the States until 5-ish on Saturday, so I will miss my group run. But it’s a cutback week so I only have to do 7 miles, which I’ll take care of on Sunday. No big deal.

That’s about it from a very humid Chicago! Have a good few days and I’ll write when I get back. Auf Wiedersehen!

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