A Run in Connecticut


So happy to be writing on such a beautiful summer day – hot and sunny but still breezy, just the way I like it!

I flew home to Connecticut on Friday night, to attend a surprise birthday party for my aunt, one of my absolute favorite relatives (I think everyone in my family feels the same way!). So Saturday morning, instead of running with my Chicago group, I headed to a beautiful paved path about 20 minutes or so from my parents’ house, to take on my 10-miler. I felt so nervous ahead of time – not sure why, since I’ve definitely done 10 miles (and longer) on my own before, but I calmed down once I was a mile or two into the run. I started running around 7am and maybe saw 5 people; the path was deserted! But after being on there an hour or so I started to have more company. I used RunKeeper and kept up a comfortable pace to me – averaging just over 11-minute miles, including the walking breaks. I know my Chicago group runs faster but walks slower – this felt more manageable to me. The best part was that I miscalculated the time it was going to take me to return, so in my head I thought I had an additional 5 minutes to run before I could stop – what a lovely feeling to realize I was wrong and it was time to finish!

One thing I noticed was that I felt sluggish around mile 7 or so, and that’s been my trend in recent long runs. I always eat a banana before running if I’m going to be out longer than 5 miles, and once I’m out an hour I eat two Shot Bloks. I think I might try eating them 45 minutes into the run the next time, to see if I can ward off that 7-mile slump. Usually I just eat two but my running coach suggested I go for three, so that could make a difference too. This weekend we cut back to just 7 miles, so I’ll wait until the following weekend to test out my new game plan.

This morning I got up at 4:30 am for my return flight – I slept a little but went back to bed as soon as I got home. My neighbor texted to see if I wanted to accompany her on her dog walk, just about a 3-mile loop. Before we took off, I went to Google and just searched “yoga for runners” – my legs were still a bit tight from yesterday’s run and I thought doing some stretches would help flush them out. I found a really nice 20-minute sequence and it felt great. I think that’ll be how I incorporate yoga into my routine from now on – ideally I’d go to the class I like at the gym every Wednesday, but for the days when I want to sleep in or run, I’ll just do some poses at home.

Off to take another walk in the sunshine! I hope everyone’s weekend is as lovely as mine!

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