Great Night for a Great Run!

Good evening from another chilly Chicago summer night!

I felt like a tool when my alarm went off this morning for my run and I promptly reset it so that I could sleep in – but I knew I had a free evening and could run after work. It was pouring this morning and I definitely made the right call – by waiting until the rain passed, I was able to run outside in some beautiful fall-like weather.

This week my mid-week runs are supposed to be 3, 5, and 3 miles respectively. But I like to get the highest mileage done with first, so I tackled the 5. I used the RunKeeper app and challenged myself to run quickly – I felt great! My splits were funny – my first mile was the fastest, then a bit slower for my second, my third was my slowest, then I picked back up again, and my 5th mile was right between my first and second. This made me pleased for two reasons – one, I really tried to pick up the pace and I’m glad I proved to myself I could, and two, I’m really aiming to finish on the faster side of things. I’d like to make this a habit on my practice runs – end fast(er), end strong, so that when the actual marathon comes I’ll still have some energy at the end. I can’t exactly employ this technique during my group runs because my pace leader keeps us even (which is appropriate), so it’ll be up to me to work on this stuff during my mid-week runs.

Also, I ran to the soundtrack of Crazy For You! I’ve been on a showtunes kick at work lately and decided to stick with it!

Off to dinner and an early bedtime so that I CAN get up in time for a morning workout tomorrow! Hopefully will make it back to yoga!

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