Lightning-fast Lani?

Just got back from a great after-work run in lovely cool temperatures. I used the RunKeeper app again and it told me I was averaging…10:30-minute miles?! And that was including my walk breaks?! I find it incredibly hard to believe that I’m running an entire minute faster during my short runs than my training runs, and I can only think of three explanations: 1. maybe I’m really feeling zippy (yes, I did try pushing it today, but I didn’t FEEL like I was working all that hard!), 2. maybe my music really makes a difference (it definitely feels easier to run with a beat, which I don’t have during my group runs), or 3. the app is WAY off. As soon as I got home I tried to map out the distances that the app recorded as mile markers, and crazy enough it LOOKS like everything matches up (mile 1 on the app also looked like the same distance on Google maps), so I guess it’s possible I just had a supremely great run tonight?!

I mean really – it doesn’t matter! A good run is a good run and whether it was 10:30 or 11:30 minute miles, all I had to do was get 4 in and that’s what I did. And it’s still so early in the season. I do want to use my short distances to work on speed, so I guess I can forego the numbers and rely on how I feel, and I did feel like I was pushing myself well – not to the point where I was sprinting or anything, but where I could maintain a faster pace for a long enough duration of time. A tempo run.

Today I looked down at my computer screen and realized my neck didn’t hurt one bit – as the kids might write, #grateful! 🙂 Now my back is still tight from one of the exercises in my HIIT class on Sunday, but that’s a whole other thing! Workout soreness I crave; injury I try to avoid!

And that’s about it with me. Yesterday was my rest day, today I did the 4 miles, tomorrow and Thursday I’ll do 3, and Thursday I’ll also take my strength training class. I’m a little nervous about my 9-mile group run on Saturday but I think the more effort I put into my mid-week runs, the stronger and more confident I’ll feel going into the long ones. Hope everyone has a lovely evening!

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