Rest Day, Shmest Day

Per my suspicions, my neck did feel stiff when I woke up this morning and my legs were definitely sore, but it was totally worth it to be back to my usual gym routine yesterday. And by mid-morning or so my neck was definitely better and my legs…well my legs were still tired but that’s okay! I felt so good that I went back to my favorite gym class tonight, WERQ. It’s a dance class similar to Zumba, but with (my opinion) better music and better choreography. And a fabulous instructor! I was so happy to be able to go!

I know technically rest days are supposed to be breaks from workouts, but my thought process was thus: I missed two cross-training sessions with my neck thing, so I had this coming, and tomorrow I’m just running 5 miles with my group – totally doable. And if anything the dancing helped flush my legs out from all the squatting and weights yesterday. I know once my Saturday mileage really kicks in I won’t be able to take this class, so I wanted to go while I still had the energy! And I’m so glad I did.

And on a separate note entirely, what a day – I woke up to news of the 3 major terrorist attacks and immediately wrote a bulletin once I got to work (in my non-fitness life I am a security analyst), and worried about the implications of what is assumed to be ISIL-inspired activity. But then I read the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage – sorry, just “marriage” now! – and was so happy to see yet another progressive decision handed down by this court. I feel like between today’s vote and upholding the Affordable Care Act and ruling in favor of preventing housing discrimination, the court is trying to make up for the Bush v Gore disaster. 🙂 Then I read a million headlines about Obama’s powerful eulogy for Clementa Pickney and once again felt inspired by our President. Then, to round out the day’s news, I read about how one of the NY prisoner escapees was shot and killed -okay, not exactly how I would have liked that story to end (a return to prison would have been fine with me), but it’s a victory for law enforcement and hopefully they’ll find the other guy by the end of the weekend. Anyway, crazy day of news – lots to worry about, yes, but also some big headlines to truly celebrate!

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