Feeling Victorious!

…and just like that, I conquered my neck/shoulder situation. Precisely two weeks after the initial injury.

So to backtrack…last night when I was going to bed, I decided to be ambitious this morning and run my requisite 3 miles before attempting to re-join my strength-training class. So I set my alarm for 4:45, but by “set,” I mean I played with the numbers but never actually activated the thing…but by the grace of the fitness gods somehow sprang out of bed at 5:40 – just enough time to get dressed and get to my class. My run would have to wait.

I was a little nervous to get back into the swing of things, and especially to do a few specific exercises – burpees, planks, and sit-ups. Sit-ups were obvious – that’s how I hurt myself to begin with – and the other two I was nervous about putting pressure on my neck and shoulders. But we did all three today and I barely felt any pain – I mean, I felt pressure I guess, but not pain, and it was completely manageable. I felt so incredibly relieved. And a little weak, to be honest – it’s amazing what 2 weeks off from weights will do to you – I could tell there were exercises we were doing today that I could have heavier weights on before getting sidetracked. But whatever – I’ll take it!

Tonight I wrapped up my weeklong runs with 3 miles outside, no stopping. And I really pushed my speed – it felt simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. While I genuinely love to push myself (within reason), I do notice that my stomach doesn’t react so well when I work on speed, so that’ll be a natural deterrent from really trying to go nuts – which is probably a good thing since speed isn’t my thing to begin with!

I feel weird bringing this up because today was such a positive day fitness-wise, but it’s on my mind so I’ll touch upon it – I’ve been disappointed in my eating these past few weeks. I know I wrote an earlier post referencing my struggles with food, and they really do ebb and flow. Today I felt especially big when I left for my evening run – I felt like my thighs were going to bust out of my capris, and usually my legs aren’t even my biggest problem area! I know all runners fear being last at an event – obviously I do too, but my other fear is being the biggest. So far it hasn’t happened but it could – I am the biggest in my training group, for example – not in the whole group of runners that show up every Saturday, but in my little 5:1 ratio group. And I know I’m strong-ish for the most part and I know I’m in good enough shape and all that, but still – it takes a toll. Thankfully today was a good day food-wise and hopefully this weekend will be reasonable as well – I have plans but they’re nothing crazy – I just need a handful of good days to get back on track. I hope.

Anyway that’s all from me! I’m so curious to see how I feel tomorrow – whether my neck will act up because I challenged it today (fine if it does; I’d rather pay a small price tomorrow than miss another class), whether my legs want to die from so many weighted squats and lunges or if my evening run helped kind of flush everything out – we’ll see! Off to eat dinner and catch up on Jon Stewart and get some sleep!

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