All Good Stuff

Just got back from Raleigh in time for a quick blog post before bed! I had such a wonderful trip – the conference itself (my actual reason for going) was fine, but being able to catch up with my college roommate was just marvelous. It’s always such a special occasion to see her! And we didn’t waste a minute – we were gabbing as soon as we sat down to eat. It’s always like this with us – picking up precisely where we left off! Thanks again, C, for meeting up with me – next time we’ll do it in Italy! 🙂

This morning I was able to sneak in a quick workout before the conference – although I did have to improvise. In my experience, hotel fitness centers are hit or miss – usually miss! Sometimes they’re bigger and/or better maintained than you expect, and sometimes they’re exactly as you fear, which was the case today: a super stuffy room with one treadmill, one elliptical, and one of those all-in-one strength machines, so not even a few hand weights lying around. When I got there a guy was already on the treadmill so I just accepted that today’s workout might be subpar…but at least I was doing it. I ellipticalled away for 10 minutes or so and got super lucky -the guy hopped off the treadmill and left. By this point I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare (I had to do 3 miles and had allocated precisely the amount of time it would take me before I had to get back to my room and shower and change) so I only took two quick walking breaks and kept the pace pretty quick (for me). Oh but the hilarious thing was that neither the elliptical nor the treadmill had a setting to track DISTANCE (which to me is pretty basic!), so time-wise I should have gotten my 3 miles done but really who knows! Whatever – sometimes you have to suspend your details-obsessed nature and just go with the flow. And flow I did.

My best news – I was completely off painkillers yesterday and today and I did okay! The flights weren’t great for me (I kept dropping my head to sleep and then remembering to pull back up) and my neck was stiff both mornings, but once I got into the swing of things it really was okay. So – big plan for tomorrow – I shall make my triumphant return to my strength-training class. Fingers crossed it actually happens!!

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