Beautiful Run!

I am working from home this morning (flying to Raleigh this afternoon for work), so I was able to “sleep in” until 7 and still run before settling in to work from my couch this morning. Oh but I do love mornings like this! It’s just gorgeous here today – sunny and warm but not humid, perfect for an outdoor run. Today I played around with the RunKeeper app – I really liked the little voice that chimed in every 5 minutes to let me know my distance and pace. I maintained my normal 6:1 run/walk ratio instead of the 5:1 that I’m using with my group run for training. I think it’ll be good to practice at a slightly higher level; hopefully that’ll mean that my group training runs are slightly easier. Anyway, I felt GREAT and ended up running over 4.5 miles.

My neck was a little stiff when I woke up but it feels okay now – not perfect but manageable – I’m going to try to stay away from any painkillers today and see how I do. I’ll bring both my prescription stuff and regular Advil on my work trip just in case, but I’m really hoping I can just move on! If I feel this good on Thursday morning I’ll take my normal strength-training class…but I feel like a broken record when I say that so let’s just see how things go!

Today I fly to Raleigh and I will speak at a conference tomorrow. But the real excitement is tonight – I will have dinner with my college roommate! C and I actually went to nursery school together, then reconnected in high school, and when I realized we were going to the same college I asked if she would live with me. I figured we’d complement each other well and it worked out perfectly – not only did we live together all four years, we even studied abroad in Florence together. We’ve been able to visit every few years or so –  the most recent time was the fall of 2013, so a nice long dinner chat tonight is definitely in order!

Back to work – happy Tuesday, y’all!

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