Two Days Off…and a Confession

Good evening from a stormy Chicago!

Good news/bad news – bad news is that I haven’t been able to take the interval class at my gym that would be a perfect cross-training session for training, because both yesterday and this morning my neck just hurt too much to go. Good news though, I think, is that my neck felt better today than it has since this whole thing started, so hopefully I’ll be back in action very soon! I am just very grateful that I haven’t missed any runs – and technically I HAVE done my cross-training workouts, with the pool class on Saturday and a ton of extra walking – but I know I need to get in some strength training sessions, with weights.

I am looking forward to the rest of my workouts this week; I’m supposed to do 3 miles tomorrow, 4 on Wednesday, and 3 on Thurs. But because I have a quick work trip this week, I’m going to do my 4 tomorrow, before my flight, then hopefully squeeze in 3 at the hotel fitness center on Wednesday morning and I’ll wrap up my final three on Thursday morning or after work – my choice. 🙂

So now the confession part of my entry. It’s probably best that I didn’t work out today because I lost it yesterday with food. Maybe that sounds weird, but I’m so much more careful with what I eat when I don’t work out, and sometimes it actually helps me relax. Sunday morning I was just so frustrated that I couldn’t go to the gym – I didn’t in a little activity by doing some deep cleaning, but obviously it’s not the same. And I could have gone for a walk – it was a gorgeous day – but I couldn’t/didn’t motivate myself to do so. I don’t know why. I had my regular breakfast (almost always I have a 1/2 cup of oats with some berries, a 1/2 tbsp of walnuts, and a 1/4 tsp of sugar) and it was yummy as usual, but for whatever reason I just kept going back into the kitchen and eating…pretty much anything I could. The one thing that went right was that I stopped eating around lunchtime and distracted myself throughout the afternoon (with a nap, mani/pedi, and a call to my dad) so that the next time I ate was at dinnertime. But the damage was done for sure.  Unfortunately I do have these days from time to time…I try to look back and figure out what exactly went wrong…sometimes there’s a pattern/trend and sometimes it’s random. I know for sure that yesterday I was just frustrated at not being able to work out…clearly I need a better coping mechanism for when my plans fall through!

Along those lines, I’ve been thinking about asking for a session with the nutritionist at my gym. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and have definitely seen all manner of experts before, but this time I’d go specifically with an eye to appropriately eating to fuel the marathon training. I read running blogs ad nausuem, and the one thing I want to be super cognizant of is not overeating and gaining weight through this process – that would be so heartbreaking! Maybe if I do see a nutritionist and get a plan, I’ll be more confident in my approach. On the other hand, I’ve gone through times when I’m excessively strict with my dieting and I’ve just been obsessive with numbers, not to mention the most pleasant person to be around. While I’d love for a nutritionist to design a plan for me, I’m not sure I’m ready to go back to paying so much attention to what I consume. I’ve lost some weight recently (not enough though!) doing my own thing – mainly cutting back on carbs (but not cutting out) – so I know what I need to do for the most part – I just need to do it.

Anyway, this was a bit of a rambling post so I’ll leave it there. Excited for my run tomorrow and especially my work trip! More on that tomorrow!

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