Sensational Saturday!

Happy weekend, friends!

Yesterday was a rest day so no workout to write about – I also took a rest from my prescription pills and just took regular Advil. I can’t say it was my best idea but I wanted to give it a shot – I tried! Back on the prescription stuff today. But my rest day was really nice – it was cool and sunny here and my coworker and I escaped the office twice, once to give a presentation in office space a few blocks from ours, and once again to find a McDonald’s vanilla cone (for me!) – the first one we hit up didn’t have any ice cream (and the guy didn’t even apologize; it was like I was the crazy one for coming to a McDonald’s solely for ice cream) but the second one totally delivered.

Then last night I went to see Mumford and Sons; they played at one of the beachfront areas right near my house. It was such a pleasure to just walk to and from the show! So even though I was technically off exercise, I still got plenty of walking in. Standing for 3 hrs watching the performance might not have been the best thing for my neck, but still worth the sacrifice!

Today was my 7-mile group run and it was GREAT. I was a little nervous before starting (will that always happen!?) but as soon as we got going I felt great and was totally on my game. My group was much better organized than last week’s and we totally maintained the 11:30 pace. I know we’re running faster than I typically do because we are walking a LOT SLOWER but still averaging the right speed. We still stop for every.single.water.break, but that’s something I’ll have to get used to. Right now I just have water in my little belt and I barely needed it today since it was still on the cool side and was a shorter distance, but I know once we start running longer and it’s more humid I’ll run out of my own supply and I’ll be grateful for the breaks. Plus – this is what you get with group runs, you know? You lost your autonomy as a runner, for better or for worse – right now I’m feeling great and I’m a little exasperated with the stops, but there will come a time, probably soon, when I’ll be dragging and those will serve as a little pick-me-up. And right now I feel like I could go faster and beyond the team leaders, but soon I’ll need them to encourage me to keep up speed. So – all good.

Afterwards I went back to bed for a bit (my favorite post-run ritual: the nap) and then tried out my very first hydro-fit class at my gym. I thought it would be a good foray back into resistance training and it would be a nice complement to running – I was right! The workout was great – not exactly heart-pounding, but if I weren’t already in a pool I would have been sweating for sure. I really felt it in my arms and abs, which I loved – my legs get plenty of exercise but my upper body gets much less (esp during this neck/shoulder sprain). It’s funny how water aerobics appeals to little old ladies (I generalize…but it’s true!) but it’s actually a really great workout – my observation is that it’s pretty much a free for all, so if you can follow along with the instructor, you’ll get what you came for, but if you want to take it easy…no one’s forcing you to do otherwise. 🙂  The best thing about this class is that it’s later in the mornings, so for the next several weeks while my running distances are on the lower end, I’ll be able to take this class afterwards. Yay!

I rounded out the day with a walk to my favorite neighborhood with my neighbor friend and her dog. We do this often on the weekends -her dog gets a nice walk and we get to stroll at a leisurely pace but still get in about a 3-mile or so loop. We were both proud of ourselves for executing financial restraint at Athleta – no small feat!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to my interval class, but I’m not going to push it – I’ll see how I feel when I wake up. And now I can settle in for a quiet night at home – perfect for tonight. Enjoy your Saturday!

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