Last Short Run of the Week!

Good evening! This morning I made a good decision – I think – instead of going to my strength training class, I opted for a quick training run on the treadmill. My neck/shoulder still hurts a bit, and the idea of using weights, especially for upper body exercises, just made me nervous. So instead I hopped on the treadmill to get my 3 miles in. Unlike the past two days, this time I used the run/walk ratio that I’ll be using during the marathon, 5 mins running and 1 min walking. I think I figured out the right numbers to use on the treadmill so that my miles average 11:30, and the speed felt completely do-able and sustainable. Even better, I usually find the treadmill more challenging than running outside (I think it’s the sheer lack of scenery), so hopefully that means that my long runs will be equally manageable.

The only thing that gives me pause is that my neck/shoulder was feeling better this morning…and not so great as the day went on, especially later in the afternoon. But since I already got my run in I’ll be taking it easy tonight, and tomorrow’s a rest day anyway, so hopefully after a day and a half of taking it easy I’ll be ready for my long run on Saturday. It’s only 7 miles so it shouldn’t be all that taxing anyway. And there’s a pool class at my gym that I’ve never done but I think could be a good foray back into resistance work; it’s also on Saturday morning but I think I should have time to get there after my run – if I do, I think that’ll help make me feel a little stronger.

Crazy day in downtown Chicago with the Blackhawks parade – happy to be home and totally going to bed early!

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