Back on the Trail…Tentatively!

I am finally starting to feel better over this weird neck/shoulder pain situation, but it’s been slow-going. Last night I took the muscle relaxer my doctor prescribed and still woke up a bunch of times in pain. I was supposed to fly to DC for the day but I had to cancel the trip – I just thought a few hours in the air and several hours staring at briefing materials during the meeting probably wasn’t going to help – I knew I needed more time at home. I was really bummed to miss the meeting but I know it was the right call.

Today I took full doses of the medication prescribed (initially my doctor suggested a half dose and to increase it if needed…I decided it was very much needed) and I think it really paid off – by mid-afternoon I was feeling so much better. I’m still in discomfort but it’s manageable…so much so, in fact, that I took a leap and went for my training run this evening.

It’s possible I made a huge mistake by doing this and that I set back my recovery, but I just felt like I HAD TO MOVE and get out of my house and off my couch. Initially my plan was to just walk the requisite 3 miles, but once I got on the trail I decided to run and just see how I felt – and I felt fine, more or less. We’ll see how tonight goes – if the pain comes back with a vengeance, I have no one to blame but myself.

If I weren’t training for the marathon there’s no way I would have run…it just killed me to think that I was missing two workouts (Sunday’s cross-training session and then today’s run – Monday was a sanctioned rest day). That’s where I know I am a little too Type A for comfort…but then again, I really was feeling better and I really did need to move a bit. Tonight I will take the muscle relaxer again and another dose of the regular painkiller and we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

If anything it was a gorgeous night for a run – we had really gross weather yesterday (humid and with some crazy storms) but today was beautiful and sunny and cool – I think the weather improved my mood just as much as the pain killers!

Really hoping I didn’t make a huge mistake…really hoping I am actually recovering and this pain isn’t just getting masked by the pills. I’m feeling guilty for the run but also relieved that I was able to do it…we’ll see how I do tonight. Fingers crossed I am almost back to my regular self!

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