Back in the Game

So happy to write that my neck/shoulder pain is no worse than it was yesterday! I’m still in some discomfort but I was able to make it to work just fine and only used my heat wrap once. Tonight I think I am going to skip the muscle relaxer and hopefully in another day or two I can cut back on the dosage of my regular pain killers. I think/hope I am making progress!

I downloaded the Map My Run app and ended up paying for a month of the premium service, just to see what it was like. I’d read that some of the data points get a little loopy when the GPS signal isn’t too strong, and definitely experienced it myself – within 4 minutes my pace had evidently swung from an over 12-minute mile (I am slow…but not that slow!) to just over 8 minutes (I don’t even know what that looks like on the treadmill, it’s way beyond my capability!). But for the most part, when there weren’t trees in the way, I think it was accurate enough. I only had to run 3 miles and I was so happy that my shoulder was acquiescing so I really pushed myself – I ran the whole thing at an average of 10-minute miles – which I do think is true and which is really, really good for me. I don’t think I will continue to pay for the premium service though – I have my eye on a Garmin watch and that’ll show a more accurate picture of my mile pace, splits, and distance. It’s pricey, but I know how I am with data – I’d rather pay a lot for accuracy than a little for a fuzzier picture.

Tomorrow morning is the same gym class where I initially hurt myself last week – it’s a great class, almost all strength-training (with some very short bursts of cardio here and there) – and it’s good for me. I’m just not quite sure I’m strong enough to go. I think I will set my alarm and see how I feel in the AM, and if I do decide to go, I’ll let the instructor know ahead of time that I’ll take anything upper-body at a slower and lighter pace. And if I skip class tomorrow and just do my sanctioned run, that’s okay too – as soon as I’m feeling 100%, I’ll be back in action fo’realz.

3 thoughts on “Back in the Game

  1. Your mother says do not go to your strength class tomorrow. Nothing horrendous will happen if you miss one day; however, if you re-injure yourself by trying to do too much too soon, you will be very, very upset.


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