Stiff Upper Lip (Well…Neck, in my Case)

Sadly the pain that kept me glued to my couch yesterday has not abated; in fact, it’s actually worse. I slept fitfully again last night and pretty much shouted obscenities every time I had to change positions (thankfully the sounds were muffled by my air conditioner). This morning I knew I couldn’t make it to work and, after some gentle prodding from my BFF (thanks again, K!), made an appointment with my doctor. In my head I just assumed nothing could really be done, but I’m so glad I went – she was able to prescribe a muscle relaxer for nighttime (which hopefully means a night of steady, pain-free sleep) and a higher-dosage of ibuprofen for during the day. I’m back on my couch now, this time with a fancy dual-action hot/cold press wrapped around my neck, just waiting to start feeling better!

I asked my doctor how much longer I’d feel this way, and she said probably another week or so – that was probably the most painful moment of these past few days! I know that you can’t rush a recovery and I’d never actually start exercising again and risk further injuring myself…but still. I feel like a dope that I’m one week into training and I’m already temporarily sidelined! On the other hand…better one week in than one week out, I suppose.

So that’s where I’m at  – nowhere fun! But hopefully the more potent pills will kick in soon and I’ll start feeling like my normal self. Until then…back to Netflix. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stiff Upper Lip (Well…Neck, in my Case)

  1. Sorry to hear you’re in pain, but good to hear you’re taking care of yourself. AND, if you had to get hurt and be glued to the couch, at least you had the luxury of a whole new season of OITNB!


    • Fair point! Though in my case it’s Gilmore girls and several missed episodes of the Daily Show – and alternating a heat wrap and an ice pack! I still haven’t seen OITNB but it’s on my list!


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