Down for the Count…

I had nothing but the best intentions for making a great Sunday, starting with back-to-back classes at the gym. I was going to take a spin class for fun cardio and my favorite interval class for strength training and endurance. Instead I have spent the better part of the day on the couch with an ice pack and a steady stream of ibuprofen!

On Thursday I was doing a really simple sit-up at the gym and immediately felt my lower neck/upper shoulder area tweak. This has happened to me before so I knew what I was in for – a few days of mild but annoying discomfort and the inability to turn my head quickly. No big deal. Well Friday was my rest day and I felt fine, then yesterday I kinda forgot all about it during my group run – evidently this little flare-up did not forget about me! I felt it creep up towards the end of the night so I applied some sports cream before bed – at first that seemed to do the trick and I fell right asleep, but at one point I woke up to change positions and the pain was really intense. I don’t think I’m terribly sensitive to pain (I broke my pinky toe last winter and went at least 3 months before getting it checked out), so I feel like if it’s really hurting, it’s probably bad. And I love sleep more than anything else in the world (well…except for ice cream), so if something is disrupting my slumber, I know it’s REALLY bad.

I woke up and called my best friend, who has a history of…ummm…physical accidents (one might say she’s a tad clumsy) and she suggested going to a minute-clinic to see if I could get a muscle relaxer prescribed. At that point I remembered that through my health insurance we have access to a doctor-on-call service. I had my consultation and was told this is something that can only be treated by ice, ibuprofen, and rest.

Ice and Advil – I’m down with that. The rest part…not so much. Technically tomorrow is a rest day for my training program, so I’m okay with swapping out my cross-training today for tomorrow. That’s fine. But if I don’t get back on track PRONTO, I’m going to freak out. I know me. If I make a plan, I stick to it – if someone else (like my marathon training group) puts one in place for me, I’m even more stubborn about it. I am crossing my fingers that I get through the rest of today and tonight in good enough shape to get to the gym tomorrow, and more importantly, to get back to my scheduled run on Tuesday. I know the importance of resting during an injury – well, I get the concept at least – but I also know that, for me, it’s important to get back on the horse ASAP.

By now I’ve had two rounds of Advil and a few ice packs and I felt well enough to cook my lunches for the week and clean up my kitchen a bit, which is a dramatic improvement from this morning. Hoping to continue down this recovery path and be back in action tomorrow, but also hoping that if I truly am not up for it, I let myself take it easy. I read somewhere that you know you love exercise when you have to force yourself to take a rest day…so true!

Hopefully will write with happier news tomorrow. In the meantime…Go Hawks!!

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