‘Twas the Night Before my First Group Run…

…and cue my inevitable stomach ache.  I know that tomorrow is just 6 miles so in theory it should be fine – but I do have a cute little habit of psyching myself out so much that running anything beyond a minute or two feels like death.  I know what I’m most nervous about is the group running factor – I am just afraid I won’t be able to keep up. Even though in my head I know that a. who cares; it’s about finishing the race, not winning it; b. there is still a slower pace group than the one I’m joining on Saturday, so I have a default; and c. all of my outdoor runs are faster than the pace group I’m joining.

But I’m telling myself I am prepared and ready to go. The group run meet-up location is maybe a mile and a half from my house, so after work tonight I got in my car and drove to the spot, just to make sure I knew precisely where it was. And I totally timed the ride so I knew approximately how long it’d take to drive over tomorrow. I know theoretically it’s a perfect warm-up (and later cool-down) distance, but I just want things to be as simple as possible tomorrow.  Never mind the fact that it’s supposed to rain ALL day and it’ll be chilly, so much so that I might need to dig out my long-sleeved running t shirt from storage!

Today was my sanctioned rest day from training; I considered going to my favorite dance class at my gym but decided to really stick to my schedule – there will be plenty of time to play around in the weeks ahead.  And with that I am off to bed since I have to be up just as early tomorrow as I usually am during the week!

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