First Day of Training!

Today was my first official training day for the marathon!  Per the schedule I’m following, I actually didn’t run today; I did a cross-training session via a high-intensity interval class, which is one of my favorites at the gym.  I especially love this class because the exercises involved alternate between strength training and cardio blasts, so you get the best of both worlds, and since strength training isn’t exactly my forte, it’s always really beneficial.

That will actually be a bit of a challenge for me over the next few months – staying away from all the other classes I usually take in favor of runs.  Right now, per CARA, my plan is to run 4 days a week (that includes my long run on Saturdays), rest for two, and cross-train for one.  The way I’m hoping to work it out, I’ll rest on either Sunday or Monday and take a HIIT class on the other day, then run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, rest on Friday, and take my long run on Saturday.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a yoga class on Wednesday mornings (and run in the evening) and a solid strength-training class on Thursdays (again with an evening run).  It looks ambitious on the screen but I’ve doubled up before…I just need to be mindful of when it might become too much.

Really glad I’m not running outside tonight – it is hot and stormy in Chicago!

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